Združenie pre aktuálne umenie a kultúru


It comes from Slovak Republic and covers three different projects:

Urbsounds Collective has roots in punk and DIY movement and was established in 2001 as the outcome of friendship, common interests, shared views and love for music. Since then it has become a platform for exchanging experience and supporting creative and unusual electronic and media events, distributing DIY materials, organizing experimental electronic music events and releasing mostly CD-r recordings.

1. jamka / snikpop
2. jamka / cubatic momo
3. jamka / xtrym
4. jamka / luta
5. jamka / tri ply
6. urbanfailure / loading
7. urbanfailure / tcmk
8. urbanfailure / external clock jitter
9. urbanfailure / projektive
10. urbanfailure / relay mosh
11. urbanfailure / moderator kokpitu
12. rbnx / thin

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