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‘The demands from users have often contradicted engineering possibilities. However, once the targets became clear, we, SHIBUYA, have made every effort to knuckle down to achieve them. The keyword is “NO COMPROMISE” believing that we can overcome the difficulties without sacrificing anything.’

Unce upon a time… somewhere between free jazz mountains, sea of death metal and islands of live electronics… there were SHIBUYA MOTORS!
Free improvised electro-acoustic avant-core music project closely related to ATRAKT ART label (organizer of the NEXT festival of advanced music in Bratislava), established in 2007 by Slavo Krekovic and Miro Toth, who are also members of other experimental ensembles (Musica falsa et ficta, Voice Over Noise, Frutti di Mare, Q30J666222, Kapela snů, Uran Uran, DJ Hamborgarafabrikkan).

Slavo Krekovic splits his official identity into being a musician, music and new media art curator, journalist and cultural organizer. Worked with the Experimental Studio of the Slovak Radio, is co-founder of A4 – cultural centre in Bratislava and chairman of Atrakt Art association – organizer of the NEXT festival of advanced music (since 2000) as well as a record label specializing in experimental music. His music is spanning from live plunderphonics to electroacoustic improvisation and exploration of interaction possibilities with various hardware devices and software. Member of several other experimental music projects (plunderphonic laptop trio Voice Over Noise, improvising orchestra Musica falsa et ficta, electroacoustic trio Feed The Tiger), has performed solo and in collaborations throughout Europe and USA.

Miro Toth is composer, performer, saxophonist and music theorist. He specializes in musical part of audiovisual work (music videos, film music, videoart), musical composition, history of music from the 20th century to contemporary music – including jazz, experimental music and metal, hardcore, punk, noise music etc. He develops concert activities in Slovakia and abroad, as well as organizes music workshops. He is the founder and artistic leader of improvisational symphony orchestra Musica falsa et ficta and audio-visual performance project Frutti di mare. Recently he released a CD with the group Dunkel Therapy, where he is the author of the compositions in cooperation with the composer Martin Burlas. Performs with experimental music projects Shibuya Motors, Dunkel Therapy, Q30J666222 and numerous other collaborations.

ddkern is a drummer, composer, DJ and electronic musician based in Vienna. Has played with Fuckhead, Bulbul, Broken Heart Collector, Philipp Quehenberger and many others.

Slavo Krekovic – electronics
Miro Toth – alto sax, vocals
ddkern (as a guest) – drums and percussion, vocals (on tracks 2,3,4,5,7,10,11,12,14,16,17)

Juraj Lehuta – mixing and mastering
Recorded in JL RECORDS studio, 6-7 August 2011

Maria Corejova – cover and layout
(Cover artwork: My Blood Runs Through Your Veins VII, 2010)