Združenie pre aktuálne umenie a kultúru


Atrakt Art is the founding member of Multiplace network of people and organisations interested in interaction between media, technologies, art, culture and society. Network activities culminate every year into the festival, that is happening parallely at several locations in the world. Its program is open to workshops, installations, discussions, concerts, performances, exhibitions, presentations, screenings and especially new forms of creativity. Original focus on the new media culture has been evolving since 2002 and besides the technological aspect of digital media in art, the focus shifted also to questions related to its aesthetical, social, cultural, legal and political issues. The aim of the festival-network Multiplace is to create the platform for support of media art, to work in an open and collaborative environment and to encourage critical reflection on the life in the culture shaped by technologies. Multiplace emphasizes the experimentation with the possibilities of collaboration and networking among particular nodes in the network.

Multiplace NGO was founded in 2004, taking care of the network coordination and partly also for program orientation. In January 2008 we launched a free art server, Sanchez, offering web hosting to artists and non-commercial cultural organisations.

Sanchez server:

16-20.4.2002 – Multiplace: new media event, in frame of the New Media Nation project (co-ordinator: Buryzone, supported by Culture 2000 program of the EU),
27-31.5.2003 – Multiplace 2: new media event,
29.3.-8.4.2004 – Multiplace 3: new media culture festival,
17.4.-24.4.2005 – Multiplace 4: new media culture festival,
12.10.2005 – Multiplace presentation at Unsound festival, Cracow
21.-30.4.2006 – Multiplace 5: new media culture festival,
13.10.2006 – Multiplace organizers’ conference, 13m3, Bratislava
13.-22.4.2007 – Multiplace 6: network culture festival,
9.11.2007 – Multiplace organizers’ conference and meeting, A4 – Zero Space, Bratislava
26.4.-3.5.2008 – Multiplace 7: network culture festival,
14.-18.4. 2009 – Multiplace 8: network culture festival,
18-26.5.2010 – Multiplace 9: new media culture festival,
2-8.5.2011 – Multiplace 10