Združenie pre aktuálne umenie a kultúru


Audiotourism is travelling by means of sound. Natural as well as urban landscapes have for a long time predominantly a subject for visual culture – but how about using postcards, landscape painting or land art in music?
Bratislava is being called the capital of the heart of Europe. Howewer, it is somehow specific: as if the abrupt political and social ruptures of its history have each and every time interrupted and stirred up the well-worn tracks of memory.

In this recording, curious audiotourists will find tw overlapping maps: one made up of a collection of feelings, bits and pieces of memories, associations and sounds attached to bratislava; the other a topography of the local creative and constantly evolving experimental music scene. Both contribute – in their own way – to the creation of this remarkable town’s cultural memory.

Compilation curators: Slavo Krekovic, Oliver Rehák
Artwork and design: Vladimíra Pcolova


1. onedivx: Električka
2. Pavlov’s Lightbulb: Tiež by som chcel spraviť niečo umelecky hodnotné o Bratislave
3. Phragments: 1945-1989
4. urbanfailure: A4 – 158 – dobrá cena
5. Rentip: Greycity
6. Iskra: -–-/)
7. J. B. Kladivo: Čakanie na bratislavský mier
8. Martin Vysoký: Ostrov Ruža
9. V. A.: Workshop Rez ulicou

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