Združenie pre aktuálne umenie a kultúru


“Postproduction artists are agents of the evolution, the specialized workers of cultural reappropriation. […] Now what is at stake is to positivize the REMAKE, to articulate uses, to place forms in relation to each other, rather than to embark on the heroic quest for the forbidden and the sublime that characterized modernism.“
Nicolas Bourriaud: Postproduction

The REMAKE project is funded by Culture Programme of the EU. It is aimed at collaborative production and international presentation of new artworks, inspired by the rich history of European media art. The project is building on a research conducted in the recent years by a group of art theorists, called MONOSKOP, a collaborative research on media art and culture in Europe. The research examines the social context of historical developments in media art in Europe (with special focus on Central and Eastern Europe). Analysis of sociopoetic conditions of art and technology crossings from 1960s to 2000s draws upon the undertakings in experimental and avantgarde film, performance art, computer art, video art, experimental music, sound art, and media theory. The objective is to create professional and solid basis for theoreticians and critics to assist them in development of the theoretical discourse on European new media art.

The aim of the REMAKE project is to enhance this on-going research in an appealing, playful and artistically-challenging way: by producing and presenting a set of up-to-date artworks which will be inspired by particular well-known (but also forgotten) pieces of media art history in different European countries. The public outputs will be supervised and the artistic selection conducted by outstanding as well as young media art curators from several countries (SK, CZ, BE, DE) invited by the project coorganizers. An important part of the project is circulation of ideas and connection to universities, research and education. Therefore, project will involve not only well-known artists, but also gifted young generation including art students and their teachers.

REMAKE focuses on creation and presentation of new artworks, collaborative shows and academic events in selected centers for contemporary art of Europe. The project consists of workshops, artistic residencies, public shows (exhibitions in Brno, Cluj, Nantes, Reykjavik, multimedia performances in Bratislava, Banska Bystrica and other venues), lectures and discussions, supporting circulation of lecturers/artists, as well as „collaborative lectures“ combining theory and practice.

MAIN ORGANISER: Atrakt Art – Association for Contemporary Art and Culture, Bratislava (SK)

Atrakt Art association has been involved in infrastructural and organizational support of innovative performing arts practices in Slovakia as well as co-operations weith foreign artists and institutions since 2000. Part of its activities was focusing on new media arts, especially on new performing possibilities. Current projects include publishing of 3/4 cultural magazine, NEXT contemporary music festival, multimedia performances and sound art workshops, CD edition of contemporary music, as well as numerous other projects dealing with art, technology, creativity, urban environment, etc.


Multiplace, Bratislava (SK)

Multiplace association is a network of people and organisations interested in interaction between media, technologies, art, culture and society. Network activities and media art research culminate every year during the Multiplace festival, that is happening parallely at several locations in the world. Its program is open to workshops, installations, discussions, concerts, performances, exhibitions, presentations, screenings and especially new forms of creativity. Original focus on the new media culture has been evolving since 2002 and besides the technological aspect of digital media in art, the focus shifted also to questions related to its aesthetical, social, cultural, legal and political issues.

Dum umeni mesta Brna / The Brno House of Arts, Brno (CZ)

The Brno House of Arts (built in 1910) is one of the biggest exhibition centres in the Czech Republic, not possessing any collections, with principal aim in making exhibitions. The exhibition programme aims to present local representatives of contemporary art, and to inform the public about the latest achievements on the international scene, mainly in the related European context. An important role has been played by a cultural-political orientation to the so-called Eastern Art as well as to a thematic focus on photography and architecture. The exhibition programme also includes literary evenings, concerts, lectures and talks with artists.

AltArt Foundation, Cluj-Napoca (RO)

AltArt promotes digital culture and contributes to the development of effective policies. Its projects involve development of interactive platforms, a series of mixed reality events exploring new cultural dimensions through the use of internet and new technologies, interdisciplinary projects combining new technologies with traditional forms of art, workshops, exhibitions, live art events etc. AltArt offers resources in the field of digital culture through a documentation collection, open workshops and a showcase of European new media arts projects. Its activity also focuses on cultural learning and ICT literacy as well as on the professional development of artists and cultural managers. The foundation is involved in the development of cultural policies contributing to strengthening the Romanian cultural sector and recognition of the impact of culture on societal development.

PiNG, Nantes (FR)

As an association providing resources and as a hotbed of innovative projects, PING advises, accompanies and supports initiatives that enable people to identify, experiment and evaluate the social and cultural practices of multimedia. The associative project comes in four types of skills – Support, Training, Creation, Territories and Networks. Through its activities, PiNG enhances the cultural dimension of digital practices, seeing them as tools to access culture and knowledge, tools to express oneself and create, tools of mutualisation and cooperation.

The Lost Horse Gallery, Reykjavik (IS)

The Lost Horse Gallery is an artist run gallery and project space in the city center of Reykjavik, Iceland managed by Alexander Zaklynsky.
The Gallery has had many incarnations since its opening in 2007 and currently resides in a 105 year old restored Grocery Store. The Lost Horse Gallery is artist run and is developing long term projects and exhibitions through out Europe. The International projects in development are under the moniker Retina Projects. The lost Horse is looking for opportunities to exhibit its artists and to build projects based on collaboration.

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REMAKE ME HIGH! Live AV set – 6th Nov ₂₀₁₀ from Zden Hlinka on Vimeo.